Benefits of Membership

The National Robotics Network has a wide membership of academics, supply chain and end users from a variety of industrial sectors. This variety is a strength to drive the development of UK robotics and AI from research through to implementation, which requires the transfer of RAI knowledge and experience across industry sectors to enable opportunities to reduce cost, development time and risk, whilst increasing supply chain markets and sustainability.

By joining the NRN you will have access to likeminded organisations seeking to champion industry end user, supply chain and academic requirements to help promote the adoption of robotics in the UK.

To support this we will:-

• Operate a governing Board, consisting of academic and industrial representatives and engage with Government to utilise national and regional resources to foster the growth of new business and wealth creation in the UK.

• Build the membership from the industry, academic, and funding sectors as the basis of the National Robotics Network to create maximum benefit from available funding, resources and to access funding routes, which are not available to individual parties.

• Encourage the growth and expansion of a diversified supply chain that can respond to the mix of application challenges and bring about cost effective solutions through common supply across different market segments.

• Provide a focal point for combining sector challenges and promoting open innovation methods.